Academy improvement

Our framework for academy improvement

Our aim is for every academy within the trust to be outstanding and achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils. All of our academies are expected to give and receive support, in geographical clusters.

Each academy is part of a smaller cluster of three or four schools within the trust. Under the leadership of our Director of School Improvement, each cluster is supported by an external Professional Partner who, together with other principals in the cluster:

  • leads an annual moderated peer review, to identify each academy’s strengths and improvement priorities
  • supports the academy in brokering support either from within the trusts or from external expertise
  • provides practical support to address priorities
  • shares accountability with senior leaders for the rate of improvement
  • leads follow-up reviews to evaluate the impact of the actions taken to drive improvement
  • highlights what each academy does well and provides recommendations for further improvement and targeted support
  • gives an overview of how well the academy is performing against national benchmarks and the most recent Ofsted guidance.

Our professional partners also visit each academy six times per year, in order to support academy improvement and provide robust challenge.


"Leaders have established a culture and ethos which uses the school’s motto 'Pride through Success’, to raise aspirations and strive for excellence"

The St Leonards Academy, Ofsted report 2017