Health and Wellbeing

The wellbeing of all our staff is high on our agenda, and we recognise that the happiness and attainment of our pupils is directly impacted by the level of staff wellbeing across the Trust.

We are committed to delivering excellence for our pupils and their families, our staff, and the local communities we serve and seek to fulfil this commitment by ensuring the health and wellbeing of our workforce is a key priority. We strongly believe this is vital for the ongoing and future success of our family of academies.

We also believe that positive wellbeing requires ongoing and sustained effort and we have several Trust-wide wellbeing initiatives, informed by our Wellbeing Survey, that guide the direction of our wellbeing strategy, including:

  • A Wellbeing Policy that lays the groundwork for our overall approach and commitment to the wellbeing of staff.
  • Two designated Trustee sponsors whose role is to ensure staff wellbeing remains a priority for the Trust.
  • A dedicated Health & Wellbeing Partner supporting a holistic approach to staff wellbeing.
  • A network of Wellbeing Champions representing all our academies and Professional Services. The champions signpost staff to wellbeing support and information and ensure the staff voice is heard.
  • A team of Mental Health Ambassadors (accredited as Mental Health First Aiders) providing support and guidance across the Trust, for both individuals and line managers.
  • We are working towards the Mindful Employer Charter and Mental Health at Work Commitment.
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Programme that provides staff with 24/7 helpline support, as well as counselling sessions and life management advice.
  • An ongoing staff ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’ for every academy and professional service department.
  • Active engagement in national and international awareness events.
  • A trained Mental Health First Aider in every location helping to embed our belief that physical health and mental health hold equal importance.

We are devoted to prioritising better mental health at work, demonstrated by both our commitment to being a Mindful Employer and signing Mind’s Mental Health at Work charter #MHAWCommitment.