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Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers help our teaching and support staff in many ways. Coming from all walks of life and offering so many experiences to share with pupils, each volunteer has something special to offer. You can inspire pupils to achieve – volunteer today.

Local Governing Bodies

Maintaining close links with our academies' communities is important to us so each academy has a Local Governing Body that works closely with its senior leadership team and provides a vital link to the Trust's Board of Trustees.


Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways, which can be very rewarding. You can gain exposure to working within an educational environment or directly in the classroom whilst the whole time your experience and knowledge of the academy’s curriculum and expectations increase.

Benefits to staff

Staff can benefit from new experiences, interests and skills which can be brought to the classroom by a volunteer. An extra pair of hands in the classroom means extra support can be given to pupils to help embed any learning.

Benefits for pupils

Pupils can receive more individual attention, support and encouragement with extra volunteers in the classroom. By seeing many adults volunteer their time and knowledge to learning, pupils receive the message that education is important.

Benefits for the community

Volunteering can give you a stronger sense of togetherness within the community; knowing that you are making a difference to the pupils in the area and supporting a local academy can give you pride as you share in the academy’s success.