Academy flourishes from community support

The University of Brighton Academies Trust are humbled to share that The Burgess Hill Academy have received essential financial support to aid remote learning alongside donations of essential products and gifts for dedicated staff.

The generosity of the local community has allowed for families in need to continue learning from home. In particular, the Burgess Hill District Lions’ contribution has enabled the academy to purchase 6 additional laptops for those students who have not been able to access to online teaching. Additionally, parents and carers have sent in thank-you gifts for staff who are supporting the 7 teaching groups of keyworker students. These have ranged from haircare products to home-baked goods and have significantly boosted the morale of those committed teachers and support staff.

Principal of The Burgess Hill Academy, Jon Francies, said: “The support from the community has really helped everyone through these challenges, I believe these actions show what an amazing team spirit we have here in Burgess Hill.”