Academy link with The Malagiri School

The University of Brighton Academies Trust, which runs West St Leonard's Primary Academy, is delighted to have established a link with The Malagiri School. 

With a focus on learning from one another, the connection will enrich student experience for all pupils using a ‘joint-learning’ approach. This balanced perspective allows for all children to understand life as a student in differing cultures. 

Dominic O'Regan, Principal of West St Leonard's Primary Academy, said: "I first reached out to the headteacher, Yubraj Rasili, during the first COVID-19 national lockdown. We shared our experience of working through the many challenges of a global pandemic within education.” 

"I quickly learnt that we shared the same belief that a creative approach to learning is essential, which links well with our focus on the wider curriculum.”  

In April 2021, The Malagiri School celebrates its 10th anniversary. As expressed by Yubraj Rasaili, the school are overjoyed to mark this special time with us: “It has been a beautiful journey. The pandemic has been bad so I initially thought let us do what we can, and celebrate with a party.”   

We look forward to celebrating this exciting time with a school that has had such a positive impact within its community. 

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