First Trustee Wellbeing Sponsors appointed

The University of Brighton Academies Trust are pleased to announce the appointment of our first ever Trustee Wellbeing Sponsors. The role acts as a conduit between staff working within our academies, professional services departments and The Board of Trustees whilst ensuring that staff wellbeing is at the forefront of The Board’s agenda. The Trust is committed to improving the health and wellbeing support offered to staff, and are delighted to have Miles Smith and Siobhan Denning on board. 

When asked about his new role, Miles said: “This has without doubt been an exceptionally challenging period for the Trust. The Board and I really value the exceptional hard work, ingenuity, and commitment of our staff but recognise that this pressure has taken its toll. Accordingly, The Board - which has always taken staff wellbeing seriously - is determined to work with our staff to do more. The new role of Trustee Wellbeing Sponsor reflects this.” 

“I have volunteered to be a Trustee Wellbeing Sponsor as I know that the mental and physical health of our staff is essential to the continued development of the Trust and our academies. To neglect this would be to endanger our most important and treasured resource. It will be Siobhan and my responsibility to ensure that the views of staff are central to all wellbeing initiatives.” 

Similarly, Siobhan is delighted that the Trust are developing their wellbeing support: “I put myself forward for a Trustee Wellbeing Sponsor role as staff wellbeing is close to my heart. I firmly believe that our staff should be supported and nurtured to be their best. I have tutored many school leaders as a leadership coach, hearing first-hand the stresses and strains they face in their schools and working with many of them on how to support the wellbeing of all their staff during these challenging times. I am so pleased to partake in this wellbeing initiative and see my role encouraging all within the Trust to recognise the importance of wellbeing in building excellent, resilient and caring academies and support services.”