Hastings Direct generosity enhances remote learning across East Sussex

The University of Brighton Academies Trust are pleased to share that insurance broker Hastings Direct have provided essential funding for Hastings-based primary and secondary academies, enabling them to purchase IT equipment to aid local families with home learning.

The academies benefitting from the donation are: The Hastings Academy, Silverdale Primary Academy, Churchwood Primary Academy, Dudley Infant Academy, The Baird Primary Academy, Hollington Primary Academy, Robsack Wood Primary Academy, West St Leonards Primary Academy, and The St Leonards Academy.

Hannah Carter, Acting Principal of The St Leonards Academy, said: “We have been working hard to lessen the stress experienced by families in this time of increased pressure, and their support has been invaluable - a huge thank you to them for making a difference for our students.”

When asked about the donation, Mark Baker, ICT Director, University of Brighton Academies Trust, said: “The need for laptops and other IT equipment to support home learning has understandably increased due to COVID-19. It is so important that all students are able to access their lessons from home and continue learning, regardless of their circumstances. We are overwhelmed by the kindness of Hastings Direct.”

Hastings Direct have been particularly generous in their support for students during these challenging times. Jay Wootten, CSR Manager, Hastings Direct said: “We have been delighted to support many schools in our local areas through our Computers for Schools Scheme, helping to support children with technology whilst they have been learning at home.”