Links between parental engagement and pupil outcomes explored at governance conference

The University of Brighton Academies Trust held its annual Governance Conference on 16 November 2019. It welcomed Trustees and Local Board members from the Trust’s family of 15 infant, primary and secondary academies in Sussex.

Focused on parental engagement, the conference launched with a keynote presentation from Ruth Lowe, External Affairs Manager for Parentkind; a charity that aims to champion the ways that parents can participate in education. Ruth’s presentation explored how engaging with parents/carers and the local community affects the educational outcomes, behaviour and attendance of children.

Next, education pioneer and former Head Teacher, Gloria Hyatt MBE facilitated a workshop that focused on the practicalities of how to effectively engage with parents as a way of improving outcomes for pupils.

Sam Coates, Executive Director of Strategy, University of Brighton Academies Trust said: “The Department for Education has recently placed greater emphasis on the role of governance in the important area of parental and community engagement. This is one of the key functions of our Local Boards so we welcomed the opportunity to explore with experts how we can make improvements. I look forward to seeing plans being put in to action to help our pupils achieve excellence.”

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