University of Brighton Academies Trust academies celebrate GCSE results

The University of Brighton Academies Trust are pleased with the GCSE results achieved by the year 11 students across their 3 secondary academies this year.

The St Leonards Academy and The Hastings Academy’s average GCSE scores over 8 subjects (progress 8) saw an improvement from the previous year. The English Baccalaureate results at The St Leonards Academy also surpassed those from 2020.

Across The St Leonards Academy, The Hastings Academy and The Burgess Hill Academy, the English and Maths results saw an overall increase in attainment levels (grade 5 and above).

Jon Francies, principal at The St Leonards Academy said: “The St Leonards Academy is very proud of the class of 2021. They have responded to the unprecedented challenges set for them over the past year and worked so hard to achieve their GCSE results.

“Staff are delighted with the success of our students and we wish them well for the next stage of their education. We look forward to seeing them again in the autumn to celebrate their success.

Hilary Morawska, principal at The Hastings Academy said: "I would like to thank The Hastings Academy staff for their relentless focus and constant support to secure only the best for their students.

"I would also extend my thanks to our parents and carers who have supported the academy and worked with us to the benefit of their children. And lastly, but most importantly, to the students themselves, who listened to and responded to our teaching, were a brilliant year group and great ambassadors for the academy. On behalf of all who have worked with our Year 11 students, we wish them every good fortune, health and happiness as they embark on the next stage of their learning journey.

Dylan Davies, Executive Director of School Improvement, University of Brighton Academies Trust, said of the results: “In the wake of a challenging year, I am so proud of the resilience shown by our staff and students. These results show the well-deserved outcomes of hard work and dedication of students and staff throughout our academies, and I look forward to seeing how these results will strengthen even further for the new year 11, upon their return to our academies in September.”