We are proud to host the BrightIdeas programme

BrightIdeas is a project led and funded by Brighton and Sussex Medical School, NHS Health Education England, and the Medical Schools Council. The programme is for current year 12 students, in Hastings and surrounding areas, who are interested in studying medicine.

The University of Brighton Academies Trust is delighted to support this exciting opportunity which gives young people a chance to explore and embody the roles of a doctor as a scientist, a clinician and as a teacher through a research project that will develop key skills in areas of academic research, communication and reflection through the various project stages, details below.

The Launch Event 

(Saturday 29 February 2020 – The St Leonards Academy)

Students will learn about the medicines application process, experience an undergraduate level teaching session and will have the opportunity to meet their e-mentor who will support them through all stages of the research project.

The Mid-Point review

(Saturday 16 May 2020 – The St Leonards Academy)

Students will have a second opportunity to meet their e-mentor to review current progress, before hearing about the biological, psychological and social impacts of chronic conditions from patients and carers.

The Residential 

(Thursday 23/Friday 24 – Sunday 26 July 2020 – Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex)

The project will finish with a 3 or 4-day summer residential at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Students will present their reports and submit their reflection of the project. In addition to the project presentations, the residential event will include additional sessions that will either provide an insight into the content and style of teaching of a medicine degree, or focus on specifics of the application process.

If you are interested in taking part, please complete your application by Sunday 26 January.

Applications have now closed.

Need more information about the programme, please click here

If you have any questions, please contact outreach@bsms.ac.uk