Community links

It is important to us that our academies have a positive impact on their local communities. Since we are firmly rooted in Sussex and the surrounding areas, we know our academies’ local communities well. This understanding helps us to support academies to work alongside parents and carers, other schools, colleges and businesses to create strong bonds for the benefit of all.

We work with local businesses and offer work experience opportunities, to help pupils develop the skills and knowledge they need to enter work.

Working with communities in Sussex

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Support for parents and carers

We seek to engage parents and carers so that they can play an active role in in their child’s learning. We aim to develop extended school programmes which provide resources to support families and members of the local community.


We utilise the university’s extensive contacts with local primary and secondary schools, to make sure pupils enjoy a smooth transition when the time comes for them to move on. The university is also a great source of expertise and experience for secondary pupils when they begin to think about their future careers and higher education.


The Trust participates in the Hastings Thrives project which brings together all schools and academies across the town with the aim of improving the educational attainment and progress of pupils from all backgrounds. The thrive approach focuses on improving the wellbeing of pupils to support them to achieve their full potential.



Parents Forums run in our secondary academies provide a valuable method of communication between parents and carers and senior leadership teams. Updates and developments are shared and issues effecting the academy community are discussed.

Both our secondary academies in Hastings have a multi-agency family centre to provide coordinated specialist support for parents and their children.


Pupils from our secondary academies benefit from 'thinking about university talks' at their academies and university tasters and campus tours. Led by student ambassadors, the half-day tasters and tours give pupils an insight into what studying subjects such as Human Geography or Architecture and Product Design at university would be like.