Inspired learners

We are committed to helping every pupil in our academies reach their full potential. We believe that outstanding teaching and learning, that acknowledges individual needs, alongside consistently high expectations inspires pupils while they are at our academies and into the future.

We have developed a Trust-wide teaching and learning framework that enables all teachers to reflect on and improve their own practice.

Engaging learning environments

Pupils benefit from a rich and creative curriculum developed specifically within each academy. Curriculums at our academies are designed to engage all pupils and to provide relevant practical experiences based on the most current research about how children learn best.

This may result in a wider choice of subjects, more creative use of arts and drama or teaching that utilises the local environment. Where standard educational techniques work well, we certainly use them, but we also enjoy the flexibility of supplementing them with more engaging alternatives to give pupils a richer and more varied experience of school.

We recognise that rewards and praise are vitally important in reinforcing positive behaviour, contribution, effort and achievement.

Initiatives such as one-to-one support tuition, small group work and catch-up programmes inside and outside school are designed to make sure that no pupil is left behind.

When we first became an academy, we were visited by Steve Cunningham, an inspirational speaker who made us believe in what we can do. Now we are an academy we’ve changed our timetable, so every child gets to read to an adult – it will help us to improve – and we’ve been to the university and were shown what they do there. I look forward to school because I have a friendly teacher and good classmates.

Spencer, year 6 pupil, The Baird Primary Academy

“I like that we have a ‘Do It Now’ so when we come in the room we have a task to have a go at while everyone settles and the register is done. My teacher helped me with algebra. We used bar modelling to draw the equation then a see saw balance, I can now do it without those and can solve an equation.”

Shannon, pupil, The St Leonards Academy

Individual needs

Our academies are open to all children in the local community, they are non-selective. Care and support are at the heart of the learning process because when teachers care about learners it has a direct impact on pupils’ ability to learn.

Our academies adopt the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) code of practice followed by all state schools. If a pupil has a learning difficulty or disability we will work with parents and staff to ensure they have access to the specialist provision they need.

We also aim to make provision for more able pupils who demonstrate a talent or ability in a specific subject or discipline, academic or otherwise.

Innovation in practice

Maths mastery, an innovative maths teaching framework is used in our secondary academies – and most of our primaries. This whole-school approach to teaching maths aims to raise attainment. Pupils’ understanding of key mathematical concepts is deepened, topics are covered in more depth and a greater emphasis is placed on problem solving and mathematical thinking.

Innovation in practice

West St Leonards Primary Academy is a national lead school for Talk for Writing: pupils use the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it, then writing their own version.