Trustees and Members

A summary of the declarations of interests of our Members and Trustees.

Bill Goodwin
  • None
Siobhan Denning
  • Employed as Director of Chanctonbury Ltd
Liz Gray
  • University of Chichester – Governor
Lorraine Harrison
  • None
Chris McFadden
  • None
Jeremy Nurse
  • None
Professor Chris Pole
  • Chair of the Society for Research into Higher Education
Dr John Smith
  • Trustee - Durrington Academy Trust
Miles Smith
  • None
James Stuart
  • Longhill High School,  Brighton – Governor
Janey Walker
  • Deputy Chair of the University of Brighton Board of Governors
Paul Whiteing
  • None
Andrew Wilson
  • Employed by the Trust Sponsor, the University of Brighton
Jenny Wingate
  • None