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Executive Team

The Executive Team is responsible for the leadership and success of the Trust through the approval and monitoring of cross-Trust thematic strategies and agreed targets which are designed to drive the implementation of the overarching Trust Five Year Strategy.

The Executive Team ensures that the policies, practices and decisions of the Trust are in accordance with its values and is responsible for a range of specific responsibilities including budget management, leadership and staff structures, major organisational changes, risk management and major projects / initiatives.

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Dr John Smith is Chief Executive of the University of Brighton Academies Trust. He has strategic overview of the Trust's activities, acting as a liaison between the academies, the Board, the university, local authority, and the Department for Education. 

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Sam Coates

Sam Coates is the organisations Deputy Chief Executive: Chief Operating Officer. She leads all of the Trust’s operational and administrative services in support of our vision, mission, values and strategy.

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Dylan Davies

Dylan Davies is our Deputy Chief Executive: School Improvement, supporting and managing the Principals of our academies to make each school the best it can be for our learners across East and West Sussex.

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Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson is the Trust’s Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. She oversees the organisation's financial position and holds responsibility for our finance strategies and plans.

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           John Smith

Mr John Smith is our Director of School Improvement. He supports and challenges our academy leaders to provide the highest quality education for our children and young people.  

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