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At University of Brighton Academies Trust, inspiring governance and leadership is key to all we do; for our staff, our pupils, their parents and carers and the communities we serve. 

The University of Brighton Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust and a not-for-profit charitable company limited by guarantee. The Trust’s sponsor is the University of Brighton.

A multi-academy trust is a group of academies governed by a single set of members and trustees who are accountable to the Department for Education for the educational and financial performance of the academies in the trust.

Governance Structure Diagram


As we are a charitable company limited by guarantee, the members have a role similar to shareholders in a limited company. The members are responsible for ensuring the purpose of the Trust is met and for monitoring the effectiveness of its governance arrangements


Our Board of Trustees has collective accountability and responsibility for the Trust, and provides are the people responsible for setting the Trust’s strategic direction, including the three core functions common to school Governing Bodies:

  • Strategic leadership of the Trust through determining its mission
  • Accountability and assurance
  • Engagement with stakeholders 

Our Trustees are also responsible for ensuring the trust complies with charity and company law, as well as with regulatory, contractual and statutory requirements.


Governance Arrangements
Articles of Association

             Last updated: September 2017

Board of Trustees Terms of Reference

             Last updated: 2021

Code of Conduct

             Last Updated: 2022

Master Funding Agreement

            Last updated: September 2017

Memorandum of Association 

             Last Updated: March 2010

Scheme of Delegation

             Last Updated: October 2023