The University of Brighton Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust and a not-for-profit charitable company limited by guarantee. The Trust’s sponsor is the University of Brighton.

A multi-academy trust is a group of academies governed by a single set of Members and Trustees who are accountable to the Department for Education for the educational and financial performance of the academies in the trust.

The current Trust was established in 2017 following the merger of the Hastings Academies Trust (established in 2010) and the University of Brighton Academies Trust (established in 2014); the University of Brighton was the lead sponsor of both predecessor Trusts. Following a change in co-sponsorship arrangements, the merger provided the opportunity to build on and formalise the considerable joint working that existed between the two Trusts.

Governance structure


As we are a charitable company limited by guarantee, the Members have a role similar to shareholders in a limited company. The Members are responsible for determining the purpose of the Trust and the way it is governed.

Board of Trustees

The people responsible for determining the Trust’s strategic direction, including overarching responsibility for the three core functions common to school governing bodies:

  • the Trust’s vision
  • educational standards
  • financial performance.

Trustees are also responsible for ensuring the Trust complies with charity and company law, as well as its own funding agreement with the Secretary of State. The Trustees are the statutory governors of the academies in the Trust. The Trustees also approve each of the Trust’s major strategies.


Education and Standards

The Education and Standards Committee is responsible for monitoring the Trust’s School Improvement strategy and the educational performance and standards achieved by each academy in the Trust. It approves and monitors annual targets for each academy. It also oversees attendance, behaviour and safeguarding across the Trust.
Chair: Lorraine Harrison | See the Terms of Reference for the full list of committee members

Finance and Resources

The Finance and Resources Committee is responsible for monitoring the Trust’s financial strategy and the financial performance of the Trust and its academies. It recommends approval of annual budgets and monitors them, along with major capital and asset planning and expenditure. The committee is also responsible for monitoring the Trust’s Estates and ICT strategies.
Chair: Jeremy Nurse

Risk and Audit

The Risk and Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring that the operation of the Trust is underpinned by sound financial controls and risk management procedures. It appoints and oversees the work of the Trust’s external auditors and internal audit function. It also monitors Health and Safety across the Trust. 
Chair: Andrew Wilson

Remuneration and HR

The Remuneration and HR Committee is responsible for monitoring the Trust’s human resources and recruitment strategy and associated HR policies. It appoints senior staff in the Trust and monitors senior staff pay and appraisal.
Chair: Liz Gray | See the Terms of Reference for the full list of committee members

Chairs’ Forum

The Chairs’ Forum is comprised of the chairs of Local Boards and representatives of the Trustees. It is responsible for ensuring clear and effective communication between the Local Boards and the Board of Trustees; and for ensuring that key local and community issues are brought to the attention of the Trustees. The Chairs’ Forum also provides opportunities to share best practice across the Trust’s Local Boards.